Simple. Beautiful. Sustainable.

Gardening is rewarding, thrilling, and sometimes just plain hard work. Especially creating the garden: tilling the soil the first time, adding high-quality compost and other amendments and removing rocks, roots and debris.


That’s where Sudden Gardens comes in! Stan Slaughter is a long-time organic gardener. He will come to your place, discuss where you want your garden, answer any questions you have, and then get to work.

When he leaves you will have fabulous soil in a ready-to-plant garden bed, planter box or high tunnel greenhouse. Stan also provides other resources such as organic fertilizer, straw mulch, a list of resources, and an idea of what to do next to get your garden growing! He can even provide you with a selection of organic heirloom seeds!

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Most of our products are manufactured from waste that might otherwise be landfilled, burned, or dumped illegally. We're dedicated to making responsible use of the natural resources around us the only way we know how: the right way.

We feature locally made composts and mulches. We offer mulches in a variety of different sizes and colors made from pure iron oxide pigments that are both people and environment friendly.

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