Missouri Organic is an authorized blender for rooflite® Certified Green Roof Media Products.

Our quality control and testing process ensures that all rooflite blends are optimized for performance. Missouri Organic's specific regional blend is based on cost-effective and locally-sourced raw materials and regional climate conditions. For regional product specifications, visit rooflite's website or review our product offerings below..

rooflite extensive 

The ideal growth medium for extensive green roof systems with hardy and drought tolerant vegetation, rooflite extensive is a state-of-the-art growth medium designed for all kinds of extensive green roofs in multi-course or multilayer construction.

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rooflite semi-intensive

Ideal for colorful, deeper green roofs and for turf above grade, rooflite semi-intensive supports the vigorous growth of a wide range of perennials, ornamental grasses and even small shrubs and evergreens depending on the construction depth and irrigation options.

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rooflite intensive

Taller plants not only require deeper root space but also better water and nutrient supply. Rooflite intensive is an engineered growth media with optimized performance characteristics for intensive green roofs, rooftop gardens, container gardens and planters.

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rooflite agricultural

The particle size distribution, organic matter and nutrient content of rooflite intensive ag have been adjusted to specifically meet the special requirements for farming and the production of highest quality produce. Several pilot farm projects using rooflite intensive ag have been very successful in producing delicious, fresh produce and having great yields.

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For additional information and technical data, please visit the rooflite® website. You can also contact Missouri Organic at 816-483-0908.