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Gardening is rewarding, thrilling, and sometimes just plain hard work. Especially creating the garden: Whether you choose tilling the soil or mulching, we have the quality help you need.

That’s where Sudden Gardens comes in! Stan Slaughter is a long-time organic gardener. He will come to your place, discuss where you want your garden, answer any questions you have, and arrange the products and services you need.

At the end of the process, you will have fabulous soil in a ready-to-plant garden bed, planter box or tilled garden. There’s a reason, Sudden Gardens is so popular, It’s just what you need.

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A box garden is a beautiful, fertile, and easy-to-work garden right where you want it! They also have some major advantages over in-soil gardens. First, they are installed quickly rather than requiring years to build a fertile garden. Secondly, from an aesthetics standpoint, the clean lines of these beds can be an attractive landscaping feature with many possible configurations. We have found that has better boxes than we can build at great prices. They offer eastern white cedar wood which is naturally rot-resistant. Just browse, pick your favorite bin and it will be delivered very quickly. Finally, a box garden can be filled with a custom blend of soil and compost, a huge advantage over the heavy clay soils that predominate in the KC area. A box garden can be installed almost anywhere over any soil, even over concrete. All that's needed is a sunny location!

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Fabric Raised Beds

No space? No problem! Big Bag Beds! Container gardening with the Big Bag Bed takes up almost no room at all, and offers a solution to many of your gardening woes. With added mobility and gardening space, you’ll find many ways to use them. It gives you the height to garden comfortably and keeps pests away better than in-ground gardening. The Big Bag Bed garden allows you the same height of a raised bed, but with a circular shape for easier maintenance and harvest from any position. Three different sizes, the Original, the Junior, and the Mini, help you turn spaces only previously imagined into full gardens. Now you can grow your vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, greenery, or nearly anything you want, wherever you want. It’s truly an enjoyable way.

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To till or not to till? That is the question. After years of hard work, we’re finding that mulch gardening is easier, cheaper and more effective than tilling. Depending on the time of year, you can put down a thick layer of a special mulch or compost and let nature take its course. You can garden immediately and the old soil will be enriched naturally from the top down the way nature builds soil. (Watch the YouTube video above for more info on “no dig” gardens mulch gardens.)

If a tilled garden is your preference, you can call any number of tilling services and let the specialists do their thing. Then call us for the mulch and compost you need. We even have the option of using a blower truck to precisely place your compost or mulch even 150 feet from the curb.

Our gardens always respond with incredible growth that is thrilling – and not to mention tasty – to our clients!

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