Garden soil, turf soil, or custom soil blends made to your specifications.

Topsoil and soil mixes made right here...and made just right for you.

Our locally sourced pulverized topsoil is enriched with our Nature Wise Compost. Topsoil can be mixed in specified proportions for special projects such as rain gardens, rooftop applications, and raised bed gardening.

Garden Soil Blend or Raised Bed Mix

Our Garden Soil is a mix of Loam soil, Nature Wise Compost, and Green Frontier Compost. This is a perfect mix of sand,silt and clay to be able to hold moisture in dry times as well as be loose and workable.  This mix will be the base for any new raised garden bed. Just remember that we are creating a basic all around mix that may need to be adjusted with amendments like fertilizer, Sulphur, or sand to meet a specific plant need. Adding a synthetic or organic nigrton fertilizer is always recommended when starting a new garden bed, or when you are planting heavy feeders like cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, squash and all your broccoli family. This insures a great start the first growing season. 

Interested in bulk pricing?


Organically Enriched Top Soil (pulverized)$32.95please call$2.86 (40 lbs)
Garden Soil Blend (top soil/compost) $35.95please call$3.35 (40 lbs)
Turf Soil Blend (top soil/sand/compost) $38.95please call
Field & Turf Top Dressing$38.95please call
Rain Garden Blend$39.95please call
Potting Soiln/an/a$5.50 (1 CF)

Bulk product delivery is available within the Kansas City Metro area for a flat delivery fee of $70.00; for deliveries outside of the immediate area, additional mileage charges will apply.