Our award-winning program know as the FRED Project, short for Food Residuals Environmental Diversion composts food waste, keeping 16,000 tons waste out of landfills in 2013.

This amount is expected to increase to 20,000 tons this year. The collected food waste is mixed with yard waste to make our Nature Wise compost.

What Is FRED?
According to the latest survey by Franklin & Associates, over 170,980 tons of food waste was land filled in the Kansas City metropolitan area in a single year.

The goal of FRED (Food Residual Environmental Diversion) program is to reduce the amount of food waste going into our landfills and recycle valuable organic resources.

Missouri Organic Recycling picks up food wastes from public and private sector cafeteria operations and commercial food companies. We then recycle the food waste into compost.

Any company with food or food production waste should inquire about participation. Environmental Concepts & Design Ltd. is our partner in the program. Funding assistance was provided by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

How Can Your Organization Participate?
We can perform a free site-specific waste audit to determine if our organization is a good candidate for this program. We will evaluate bottomline savings that can be achieved by your participation in the FRED Program. We'll also explain how FRED can reduce your firm's future liabilities associated with land filling.

Another benefit to your organization is this: FRED is a "green" and environmentally friendly program. It will make your company a role model for others in the corporate or non-profit community.

If you want to ask questions about FRED or schedule an on-site evaluation, please call 816.483.0908.

Once you enroll, Missouri Organic will provide your organization with waste audits, training and education designed to fit your specific needs and ensure that your food waste is recovered and recycled efficiently.

Special containers, some lined with biodegradable bags will be placed in cafeterias or other selected areas for collection of food or food production waste.

The foods waste will be picked up as needed and take to our recycling center for composting.

Non-compostable items will continue to be disposed of in your regular trash.

See below a list of companies that are recycling food waste:






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best_harvest   amc  marriott  

Faultless  HCA  Antons  SMG

grainvalley  KCUHyvee

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