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Missouri Organic Recycling was founded in 1992 by the Anderson family. Dave Anderson, founder and owner, saw Missouri’s yard waste to landfill ban as an opportunity to sell firewood to his clients. Firewood expanded, to mulch products, which paved the way for composting. We began accepting food waste in 2004 through our award-winning FRED program, also known as Food Residuals Environmental Diversion, with the support of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and Mid-America Regional Council, Solid Waste Management District.

Every year we divert more than 32 million pounds of food waste from area landfills, which is enough to cover fifteen football fields a foot deep. Since 2008, we’ve diverted more than 150 million pounds of food waste alone. Think of it as farm to table, to compost, and back again to the farm. We combine this food waste with a portion of the more than 150,000 cubic yards of brush brought to our facilities to create 54 million pounds of compost annually. 

Our mission is to produce the highest quality products that our customers can depend on year after year, manufactured from waste that might otherwise be landfilled, burned, or dumped illegally.


To making responsible use of the natural resources around us the only way we know how: the right way.


To always lead our community towards responsible and sustainable waste diversion solutions.


To deliver quality products and outstanding services built on responsible practices and offered as practical solutions.