This 100% natural ground cover can be used by both pros and DIYers.

Mulches that are equally effective and perfectly decorative.

Natural mulches are the most economical and green way to finish and add color to landscaping projects. Mulching suppresses weeds and retains soil moisture for less-frequent waterings. We carry playground-certified hardwood chips perfect for municipal parks and backyard play areas.

Interested in bulk pricing?


Natural Hardwood Chips $35.95Please CallNA
Erosion Control Mulch $9.00Please CallNA
Cedar Mulch$35.95Please Call$3.99 (2 cubic ft)
Premium 1 Mulch (double ground 100% natural)$16.95Please Call
Colored Mulch (brown, black, or red; per cubic yard)$32.95 Please Call$3.33 (2 cubic ft)
Pine Bark Mulch $49.95 Please CallNA

Bulk product delivery is available within the Kansas City Metro area for a flat delivery fee of $70.00; for deliveries outside of the immediate area, additional mileage charges will apply.  Please be aware MOR use large delivery trucks. We are not responsible for driveway damage. Installation available call Nathan for pricing 816-888-7953.


This is an oak chip that's light in color and uniform in size. The particle size is approximately a 3/4 inch square. This 100% natural ground cover controls weeds, helps to maintain consistent soil temperature, lasts longer than most mulches, aids in suppressing mud on walking paths and playgrounds, and is effective in helping soil to retain moisture. It's also perfect for flower beds and tree bases, walking paths, and playgrounds.

Cedar Mulch

This is a high-quality red cedar mulch that's perfect for flower beds. The particle size is consistently 3 inches or less. This mulch is light in color, a blended red hardwood made from slab cedar sourced from Arkansas Mills, and carries a pleasant cedar scent. It's excellent for weed control and landscaping use around flower beds, tree bases and walking paths, and as ground cover in large areas.

Premium 1 Mulch

This 100% natural ground cover can be used by professionals as well as do-it-yourselfers. This product is made entirely from tree trimmings, logs, and wood chips. Premium 1 is a good alternative to overpriced wood chips – giving you function and aesthetics at about half the price. Constant texture and color make this a great organic mulch for all your annual and perennial beds. Premium 1 is composted to at temperatures maintained in excess of 55 degrees Celsius. This quality control procedure helps to ensure that the product contains no harmful pathogens, diseases, or weeds.


In addition to adding extraordinary color design to landscaping, colored mulch is made from recycled wood.  Durable as well as weather- and color-stable, colored mulch does an excellent job of suppressing weeds.  The colorants used by Missouri Organics Recycling are pure oxide pigments – natural components of the soil, oxide pigments account, on average, for 5% of the Earth's crust.  Properly-used colored mulch is absolutely safe and ecologically sound.