Nature Wise: 100% natural soil amendment made from organic resources.

Compost made the right way. It's also the only way we know how to make it.

Our Nature Wise and Green Frontier composts are commercially processed from lawn, garden, tree trimmings, and food residuals recycled from the Kansas City area. The food waste feedstock is rich in a variety of nutrients that helps create a higher quality compost. Nature Wise and Green Frontier composts are a 100% natural soil amendment.

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Nature Wise Compost$30.95Please Call$3.55 (35 lbs)
Nature Wise Select Compost OMRI certifiedNot Avalable 2019 Not Avalible 2019 N/A
Green Frontier Compost $67.95Please Call9.95
Composted Forest Products OMRI Certified $15.95Please CallN/A
Composted Pine Fines OMRI Certified $49.95Please CallN/A

Bulk product delivery is available within the Kansas City Metro area for a flat delivery fee of $70.00; for deliveries outside of the immediate area, additional mileage charges will apply.  Please be aware MOR use large delivery trucks. We are not responsible for driveway damage. Installation available call Nathan for pricing 816-888-7953.

Nature Wise Compost

Nature Wise Compost is produced under stringent quality controls and regularly monitored for temperature and maturity. The material is tested quarterly for third party verification and certification that Nature Wise Compost contains no pesticides, herbicides, or harmful pathogens. Nature Wise Compost also carries the Seal of Testing Assurance from the US Composting Council. Nature Wise Compost is safe for humans and pets, and contains no chemical additives.

Nature Wise Compost has been used in local projects such as Powell Gardens, KCMO Police HQ and the new East Patrol Division, KC Community Gardens, Cultivate Kansas City’s Juniper Garden, and many more.

Green Frontier Compost

Green Frontier Compost provides the benefit of biochar, minerals, and microbes.

1. Biochar used in the composting process provides benefits not available in other composts.

  • The biochar is infused with nutrients and trace minerals available for release to a plant. The above soil half of the plant sends exudates (carb, protein,sugar packs) through the roots to exchange for nutrients. Biochar releases the nutrients it holds in response to the needs of biological workers in the soil food web. These micro and macro workers thrive on exudates and their “cash” to “buy” their food energy is found in the soil bank. The biochar makes the soil food bank larger than normal. When biochar is applied to soil via compost it serves an important role in the supply of soluble trace minerals for the plant.

  • Biochar’s porosity provides space to increase water retention, aeration, and provide habitat for beneficial microbes.

  • Biochar captures toxins and gases in the composting process and in soil. Three different greenhouse gases are reduced in the composting process.

2. Trace minerals used in the composting process are distributed throughout the compost and made available throughout the soil food web when blended with top soil.

  • Fertilizer’s big three NPK are minimums affecting a plant’s survival – a plant needs available trace minerals to thrive.

  • A full spectrum of minerals affects soil tilth, reducing or eliminating tilling when minerals, organic matter, microbiology, and macrobiology are balanced in the soil.

3. Microbial activity breaks down (digests) the carbon and nitrogen in composting, extracting nutrients from the base organic matter. The food based nitrogen source in Green Frontier Compost provides a rich supply of nutrients for the active microbial community. 


Nature Wise Select Compost

100% Certified Organic Compost

1.      OMRI Certified Nature wise select is a yard waste only compost. We take the extra steps to meet the Organic Materials Review Institute criteria for certified compost.  This process insures that this compost is 100% Organic and will meet any review agency’s requirements for organic input certification.

2.      Stringent Quality Control procedures ensure a high quality mature compost every time.  

Our compost carries the Certified Compost seal of approval. You can learn more about that through the point of view of Joe Lamp’l, host of one of the most well-known garden programs and blogs in the U.S. Check out his video and blog about the rigorous standards for the compost we sell!

STA Compost: Endorsed by Joe Gardener of PBS’ "Growing a Greener WorlD"

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A look at how Missouri Organic takes food waste and makes compost to grow more food " Completing the circle".

Made right

  • Made In Kansas City

  • 100% All Natural

  • Closed Loop Processes

  • Weed Seed Free

  • Safe to Handle

  • Lab Tested

  • Humus rich

multiple Benefits

  • Improves soil structure

  • Increases water holding capacity

  • Produces better moisture management

  • Increases CEC (cation-exchange capacity) to help retain nutrients

easy to use

  • Trees and Shrubs

  • Flowers and Vegetables

  • Lawns and Turf

  • Sold in 35 pound and 5 pound bags

  • Also sold in bulk by the cubic yard

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Installation available call Nathan for pricing 816-888-7953